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Sales Wheels Company specializes in the field of sales, knowing the problems of sales management and developing appropriate solutions to develop its systems and increase its sales, due to our belief that sales are the backbone of companies’ success, as well as providing consultations to transfer knowledge.

Sales Wheels provides various services that include analyzing sales performance, developing sales strategies, designing and implementing sales training programs, improving customer management processes, and applying modern technology to enhance efficiency and improve customer experience.

خدمات تدريب المبيعات الاحترافية

نقدم التدريب الاحترافي في المبيعات وتزويد المهنيين في مجال

With the skills, knowledge and techniques necessary to excel in their roles.

We also cover various aspects of sales, including effective communication, negotiation, managing customer relationships, closing deals and much more.



General Training:

These courses are held for all sales sectors, generally for more than one company in all specializations.


Customized Training:

These courses are held specifically for one company, and based on the problems and obstacles they face, so that the course is designed to address and solve the problems.

Management Consulting In Sales Systems:

  Providing the necessary management consultations to restructure and build sales management in companies. We will work to develop the relationship with the company’s employees and strengthen work as one team.

In addition to developing strategies to improve the overall performance of the team. We will analyze current sales processes and identify points that need improvement, based on available information and analysis of the current situation.

We will  also work to define the target future state of the sales department and develop a plan to achieve it. In addition, we will help you design and develop a sales methodology that best suits your company's needs and enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team.

We aim to achieve positive and sustainable results in sales management.

Providing Professional Work Teams In Sales:

We provide a qualified and experienced sales team, capable of achieving and significantly increasing sales goals. Team members are carefully selected according to their skills, experience in sales systems and deep understanding of different sectors.

Our team has extensive experience in multiple fields including real estate sales, retail sales, industrial sales, and other sectors. Whether you work in technology, financial services, health, or any other sector, we will provide you with a dedicated team that understands your sector challenges and can provide the right solutions to achieve your goals.


Digital Transformation Solutions In Sales Management:

We provide comprehensive solutions for digital transformation in sales management to meet your diverse needs in developing and improving sales processes. Through our experience in the technical and commercial fields, we will work to provide the appropriate technical solutions and technological tools for your sales systems.

These solutions can include implementing customer relationship management (CRM) software, sales automation tools, data analytics, and other technologies that support sales activities and enable you to make better decisions. We will work with you to identify your company's individual needs and design customized solutions to fit your requirements and goals.

Whether you need to improve customer experience, increase the efficiency of sales operations, or achieve accurate data analytics, we will work with you to implement the right technology solutions and provide the necessary training and support to ensure their successful implementation.

Our goal is to help you enhance the performance of your sales management by implementing digital transformation and using modern technologies, which contributes to achieving more efficient and effective results and achieving a strong competitive advantage in the labor market.

Practical Sales Workshops Play With Sales Experts

We are pleased to offer a unique and practical program known as “Playing with Sales Experts”, which uses the global hard LEGO methodology to build capabilities and improve performance for individuals and teams.

This program is an exciting practical journey dedicated to applying and developing the mind, actions, solutions and results, improving performance and forming directions that help you make decisions as an integrated and comprehensive system. The program is based on the global Serious LEGO methodology, which uses LEGO pieces as learning and interaction tools.

Through this program, you will be exposed to a variety of challenges and tasks that require innovative thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving ability. You will learn how to develop innovative strategies, how to analyze data, and use powerful tools to achieve desired results in sales.


Sales Management Performance Indicators (KPI) Consulting

We provide comprehensive consulting to evaluate the effectiveness and efforts of sales management and measure the performance of sales staff. This consultation includes the use of a variety of indicators to evaluate performance and analyze results.

One of the key indicators we use to measure sales performance is revenue generated, where we analyze revenue and generation to measure the overall success of the sales team. We also monitor conversion rates, which is the ratio of converting potential customers into actual customers, and is considered an important indicator for measuring the efficiency of sales strategies and the quality of the conversion process.

Additionally, we measure sales performance through indicators such as new customer acquisition, average deal size, and sales pipeline growth. These indicators help us determine the pattern of growth and changes in sales volume, estimate the expected value of new deals, and analyze general trends in performance.

By using these indicators, we are able to regularly track progress and identify areas for improvement in sales management.


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